A Journey Of A Little Fairy

Friday, January 29, 2010


tahun ini karyawisata ke taman safari.
agak sebel juga sih, buat apa gt ke taman safari, liat liat binatang doang kan.
please deh.
tapi mnding deh drpd ke ancol, taman mini.
aku sih senengnya karna agak jauh aja, seengganya bisa abisin waktu breng temen-temen.
smoga boleh bawa camera ya
biasanya ga boleh soalnya. ckckck.

and i just wanna share my looks,

change my blog

tadinya blog ini menggunakan template, biru dengan gambar ayam (==`)
tapi karna saya tidak mengerti bagaimana cara membuat agar ada kolom followersnya, jadi saya ganti menjadi layout biasa.
cukup pusing memang karena harus mengutak-ngatik lagi.
tapi akhirnya jadi juga.
lebih simple yang ini memang.
dan untuk temen-temen yang lagi visit blog ku, tolong follow ya :)
just tell me if you've followed. i'll follow you back.
thanks :)
anyway i got an award, my first award from Maheswari Vania
thanks a lot yaa babe :)

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ehm i don't know wkwkwk

4. Tagged 7 Persons !
siapa aja yang mau boleh ambil =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

share photos :)

guys, i wanna share pictures yaa,
i miss these moments so much.

candid by : Rere
Model : me :)

Captured by : Me
Models : Rere, Heidi & Adra.

Captured by : me
Models : Heidi & Rere

Captured by : Adra
Models : Rere, Me & Heidi

Captured by : Rere
Models : Me, Heidi & Adra

Captured by me

dizzy -__-

well, today i'm not going to school because i'm sick.
fever, dizzy, cough, and influenza.
actually now i want to sleeping but i can't, because of flu.
omg. i want to sleep so badly :(
please pray for me guys, wish me get well soon. thankss :))
and i don't interest to go to school.

when i post this, i'm still dizzy, but i still blogging because i don't know what to do besides browsing.
okayy, so, sorry if the english was wrong, i'm not okay now.

just a quick post from me :DD

Sunday, January 17, 2010


i'm addicted with looklet guys :)
and i wanna share my looks.
enjoy! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

hoollaaa !

hello guys, i have a lot of fun this week.
so i can share here.
well, my friends and i did our homework in my home 2 days ago.
but, it seems like we played while doing homework not doing homework while played.
hahah :)
and the homework not finished yet, so maybe we can gathered again to continue the homework.
we took many picture, but all is candid. there were a lot of photos, but i just wanna share a few okay? because it's so many, around 40 photos.
this is it. enjoy!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

quick post

sorry guys, maybe i'll seldom to update my blog, i'll update if there's a special event or sumthing like that, or if i have mood to blogging.
really" sorry. but i'll try every weekend i'll update my blog. but i can't promise yaa :)
btw the drama is SUCCEED!
at the next post i'll show you the simple clothes i wore.
so don't go anywhere! [uda kayak acara tv hha]

Thursday, January 7, 2010

destiny's child cover

i found it on youtube. awesome!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

tired of drama.

all of my friends everyday talk and worry about it.
we must acting and prepare decoration and also we must wear the clothes.
and Friday we will practice again, but without text.


Monday, January 4, 2010


back to school. initially i'm excited when it's almost school time.
but now? uh very lazy.
i wish the holiday is back :(
i don't really like school. but maybe you can say i hate it.
and then, today is very tired.
the lessons is so many and full.
and then, there's drama (indonesian lessons) about something like colonization.
and i acting as 'Susilo'. wth.
and then we must use properties like rifle,gun and use army clothes.
i really hate this drama you know.

and then i wanna share my picture with my new short hair
this is it: